Why Chreda?

The Chreda Foundation has been established as a living memorial to Chris and Freda Dragon, who were lifelong, upright members of the Salvation Army, and whose lives epitomised Christian values. The name comes from the "Chr" in Chris and the "reda" in Freda.

Chris Dragon was an active Salvation Army bandsman for as long as his health allowed. In keeping with this, The Chreda Foundation has a particular interest in helping young people attend music camps and develop their interest in music and other performing arts, particularly when there is a religious or spiritual element attached.

Freda Dragon spent most of her life working with children in the Salvation Army. The Chreda Foundation therefore focuses on the needs of children and young people.

Chris and Freda Dragon felt very strongly that we should all maintain our Christian values, and their lives reflected this. The Chreda Foundation furthers this through helping young people attend camps where Christian values are promoted.

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Chris & Freda - Wedding Picture Picture of Chris & Freda on the beach with Trustee Malcolm Picture of Chris & Freda in Japan in 1984
Chris & Freda - Wedding Picture
On the beach with Trustee Malcolm
In Japan, 1984

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