The Chreda Prize

Despite the negative image of young people that is often portrayed, we are aware that many are doing excellent work within their local community. We wish to support this.

We have therefore decided to create an award – the Chreda Prize – to be granted annually to the young person who most reflects our aims and objectives in a social enterprise or charitable activity that they are currently carrying out. We particularly want to recognise young role models who exemplify spirituality in action. Through the award we will aim to assist recipients with additional funds and expertise to help them continue their good work.

We envisage a fairly modest initial prize fund, but the award will also bring with it much-needed publicity for the prize-winner’s work, thus rewarding their efforts to make the world a better place for the less fortunate and for future generations. It will encourage young people to become good role models and productive members of society… upright individuals whose behaviour towards those around them reflects high moral, ethical and spiritual values. It should also inspire others through their example.

We hope to be ready to start receiving nominations by the end of 2013, and have begun construction of a new website for this purpose, at, where we will shortly be starting to draft guidelines for applicants.

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