How can I help The Chreda Foundation?

Thank you so much for caring!

A way you can help without it costing you anything:

One very easy way to help, which will not cost you anything at all, is to use our shopping portal when doing online shopping.

Every time you shop in this way, the online shop will donate a small sum to us.

It doesn’t cost a penny extra to shop and raise funds in this way, and you can even save money as many retailers give discounts, special offers and 'e-vouchers' exclusive to the easyfundraising portal we use.

All you need do is register with easyfundraising by clicking on the button below. Then, when you want to buy something from Amazon, ebay, Tesco, Sainsbury's, Boots, or any of the other over 2,000 retailers in the programme, just make sure you go through the easyfundraising portal. And that is all there is to it!

If you already shop online why not help raise extra funds for us by using this completely free service? Click below, and get started right now! And send all your friends to this page too and ask them to do the same.

If you cannot see a button above it is blocked with "Adblock". Please disable for this site - there are no ads here.

Please also donate if you can - even a small donation will make so much difference!

If you would like to donate some money to us directly, you can be assured even a very small donation will make a difference. We are a very small charity with very limited resources. Your donation will directly benefit at least one child or vulnerable individual.

You can pay us either in pounds sterling or US dollars

Please decide how much you are willing and able to donate, and in what currency, and then click on one of the buttons below. The top button is for donations in pounds sterling and the bottom one for donations in US dollars.

Click here to donate in pounds sterling

Click here to donate in US dollars

Provided you are a UK taxpayer, Revenue & Customs will add Gift Aid to your donation, allowing it to work even harder for you. We will e-mail you after your donation to check whether or not we can claim this Gift Aid.

You can calculate below just how much the taxman will add to your donation. Don't worry - this is only a calculator for your convenience. No money will actually be taken from you unless you instruct us to by clicking the PayPal button and telling us how much you want to give. If you are a 40% taxpayer, you should include your gift to us on your tax return. The calculator shows you how much tax relief you should obtain personally in addition to the amount of Gift Aid we will receive.

Gift Aid Calculator

Proposed Donation: £ Basic Tax Rate (%)

Full Value with Gift Aid: £

But if you pay a higher tax rate of 40%
then you may reclaim higher rate relief of: £

Volunteer your time or give us ideas

We are always looking for people who would like to contribute in other ways. If you think you may be able to help in any way at all, please contact us by e-mail through the "Contact us" link

Thank you again for caring! Your help, however you choose to give it, is very much appreciated!

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